2017 Favourites: Skincare

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this year, in an effort to try and manage my troublesome, imperfection-prone skin, i have stripped back the number of products i use. while this has meant trying less stuff, i have discovered some new favourites (such as the brand ‘The Ordinary’) and continued using some trusty old ones. i’ve  implemented two skincare philosophies during 2017, in an effort to navigate nonsense marketing and social media hype and stick to a routine that’s actually effective for me. firstly, this has meant simplicity- ensuring that the products i use aren’t fussy and don’t contain excess ingredients, being natural if possible. on the contrary, i have also taken a more clinical and dermatological approach, relying more heavily on french brands because they tend to be more appropriate for sensitive complexions and do lots of testing which i find reassuring. i still have a way to go with improving the health of my skin, but these products have all been effective for keeping it managed and under control, particularly in times of crisis.

… a little skincare resolution- ultimately, i think it’s important that the products you use don’t contribute to the problems you’re trying to solve. if you’re having any issues, i suggest taking out products and replacing them one at a time. i’m no dermatologist, but from experience i have personally found that the simpler the better. listen to your skin and watch how it responds, rather than paying attention to adverts.

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox: an effective acne treatment, this night cream contains salicyclic acid to reduce sebum production as you sleep. no matter how my skin goes to bed feeling, i do believe that this actually provides some form of a ‘detox’ overnight as i always wake up with it feeling clearer. i like how it’s a cream formula which means it’s non-drying. it’s also non-comodogenic which is really important to me.

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The Ordinary Niacinamide: an effective zinc and niacinamide serum. both of these ingredients have proven effectiveness for helping acne and scarring, but they don’t this doesn’t sting or irritate like many treatments can. i like how this absorbs almost instantly making it great for daily use underneath moisturiser.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: there is a reason it has a cult following, and it’s not all to do with the insta-friendly packaging. this little pot of pink magic seriously works. in an ongoing war on breakouts, i’ve found drying to be the best battle tactic. this product effectively targets the problems, without dehydrating the rest of my face. Voila


Origins Rose Clay Mask: i find it this mask gently detoxing and cleansing, and mild enough to weekly. i’ve chosen this one over Origins more famous charcoal offering, as while i enjoy using both, the rose clay is much more user-friendly as doesn’t draw all the impurities out at once and leave your face in a bit of a mess.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Moisturiser: nice and simple, no fuss, moisturises your skin and nothing else. this makes it great for under makeup. this product epitomises my effort to simplify my routine and that’s why i love it.


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