Gift Giving: A Last Minute Guide

last minute present buying seems to be an annual ritual i never learn from. perhaps it’s something to do with the fear of buying something too early and finding something better later, or (more likely) something to do with my disorganised nature. luckily, my belatedness has proven to be a virtue, and below are some ideas to help any other last minute shoppers.

now there are some criteria associated with last-minute present hunting (i should know). if you’re buying online, you’ve got to be able to get first class delivery- Amazon Prime proves particularly helpful here. if you’ve left it too late for surfing the net, or simply prefer to browse on foot, focusing your search close to home will be the most efficient. i often like to buy gift cards from local, independent restaurants and retailers, because they’re guaranteed to please, plus, feeling like you and your recipient are supporting local traders is always nice. alternatively, it’s also best to hit the major supermarkets and high street chains because they always have a huge selection and are at close, easy access to most of us. a last minute race to Covent Garden to look for something alternative and special will be futile if they have have nothing ‘alternative and special’ left. by this point, your Christmas shopping has become less of an experience and more of a mission, but that shouldn’t mean your gifts have to lack personality or need be any less special!

this guide has something for everyone; for the ones you don’t know (secret santas, cousin George twice removed and the like), for the ones who never know (no matter how many times you ask, they insist they don’t know what they want!) and for the ones who have everything (sister…i’m looking at you!)

  • pretty notebook/ journal- we all need somewhere to pen our wildest thoughts/ shopping lists. getting them something pretty to do it in is always well-received.
  • Aldi Balloon Modelling Crackers- a gift that can be enjoyed by everyone on Christmas day and is sure to bring some laughter.
  • Oxfam charity gift cards- for the gift that keeps on giving.
  • books- always please the fussiest of customers- I’ve picked Sapiens becauase i recently bought this as a birthday gift for my sister. for the ‘non-readers’, pretty coffee table books always go down well and Oliver Bonas has a great selection which makes choosing easy.
  • disposable camera- polaroids are expensive gifts and require the receiver to keep spending lots on film. disposable cameras make for an equally thoughtful present for friends and family to capture their life at less of a cost. they can also be bought in bulk if you’re buying multiple gifts.
  • mugs and eco-takeaway mugs- whether they’re always on the go or would prefer something for home, everyone likes something to wrap their cold hands around in winter.
  • speciality teas and coffees- for something to put in that mug. the orange blossoming tea i’ve picked out is particularly special.

From top to bottom:


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