Staying Healthy on Holiday


holidays are all about escapism and relaxation. for those with their mind on their health, escaping from our normal kale-infused routines sounds like a rather un-welcome escape. keeping up routines in a new place can be difficult- catering, weather and the remoteness of location all impact our ability to maintain regimens. however, there are small changes and tips that can be added into your holiday days, should you want to make some healthier choices.

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  1. enjoy yourself! … a healthy body is a healthy and happy mind, and there is no point going on a trip and worrying about health if it makes you feel negative. it’s ok (in fact great!) to enjoy ice-creams, dessert and drinks, or skip workouts because you’re too busy exploring. i like to maintain a balance between this with some healthy choices on the side…but if this isn’t what holidays are about for you stop reading here and go have some fun!
  2. it all starts with breakfast … no surprise that even though you’re in a different country, breakfast is still important. take this as a time to choose the healthier options- muesli over cocoa pops, boiled eggs over fried. stock up on all the fruit that is provided too- not only is this fibrous nourishment a great kick-start for your digestion, but it can also be difficult to get in large amounts of raw fruit and veggies, especially in hotel catering.
  3. supplement your meals … catering often offers richer and heavier meals than we’re used to, so supplement with your healthier favourites from local shops and supermarkets. for example i bought additional fruit and seeds to add to my breakfasts, along with almond milk and lemons. be the one to turn up to dinner with a bag of greens if the salad bar is lacking and you fancy it!
  4. snacks … curb ice-cream cravings with healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and veg or bars
  5. explore on foot … running or power walking in a new destination is the best way to orientate yourself quickly and keep up fitness.
  6. choose energetic activities … (this depends on the nature of your holiday and how you like to spend your time) but hiking, swimming, waterspouts, skiing all keep you on the go
  7. the boring ones … water water water and get as much sleep as your schedule allows to maintain energy levels

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