Travel: French Riviera Highlights, a Photo Diary

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travelling with friends is the best thing. discovering a new place together, navigating your way around, temporarily immersing yourself in the lifestyle not only provides endless fun and memories, but is a great learning and maturing experience. myself and my three friends may be on our summer break from university but that does not mean the learning is over! i urge any young people to travel as much/ as far as you can afford! we stayed in a perfect little AirBnb in central Nice. staying in AirBnbs/ hostels is the best way to travel in my opinion- you save money, can self-cater, and are able to live like a local! strolls along the promenade, the beach, Place Masséna and Nice Castle/ Parc are all obvious on the places to go. we also visited Monaco, Cannes, and San Remo (Italy). more posts from my trip to come.

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Recipe: Beany Tahini Chocolate Cake

Dark, slinky, and bittersweet thanks to the tahini, this indulgent cake is one for the adults. Undetectable red kidney beans keep it moist and rich, also adding hidden protein and fibre. The cocoa depth of the cake and smoothness of the icing make it reminiscent of one of my holiday favourites- the Austrian Sachertorte. A swipe of sieved apricot jam wouldn’t go amiss beneath the icing, for a true nod to the Vienna favourite. This one isn’t 100% sugar free, but the soft brown sugar can be substituted for coconut sugar for a more natural version. The tahini in the glaze can also be switched for cashew butter for those who are sesame intolerant or who want something a little sweeter.

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