Dressing for Summer When it’s Not Quite Summer



there’s nothing more I’ve been seeking lately than warm summery days. when you’re drenched in sunlight from 10am until the evenings draw in, and you spend every hour outside. that however is not my current reality. even though spring has sprung in the UK, the temperature is still highly changeable; yet now the year is pointing towards the warmer months, I want to skip the miserable stuff in between and dive straight into the sunshine (and mediterranean). alas, I do not possess the ability of teleportation, but I do however have a wardrobe full of clothes and an abundance of cooler days that are in need of brightening up. every cloud has a silver lining!

here’s how i’m doing it:

florals: all the best flowers bloom early. going dark is a simple way to style the summer buds into outfits. opt for larger prints for a bolder botanical statement, or scale them down for spingy’ ditz. balance the girlieness with chunky boots, leather and denim.

a winter festival: the seventies seemed like an era of endless summer, and it’s free style is an obvious choice when trying to break from that winter rut. embrace embroidery and crochet with bell sleeve tops and ethnic accessories. layer it all on top of each other to keep things warm.

colour: seems like an obvious choice, often ignored. but let’s be honest, most of your wardrobe sounds a little something like ‘monochrome’. so, to prevent a frantic spending-spree of lime green coats you’ll never wear, blend through transitional accessories, like eye-catching scarves…or just paint your nails.


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