2016 Year in Review

2016 had a lasting impact globally. it left behind an distasteful legacy that I’m sure everyone wishes to shake by making 2017 a year of greatness. but who knows what the future has to hold, and one way I am learning we can only hope to create improvements for our lives is to take this journey as an education and learn from our experiences. here are some things I learnt this year, as well as some great moments captured in image to reflect upon and remember.

  • take time for yourself. meditating, yoga, running…whatever gives your mind space.
  • even though you make think you “don’t have time” for the latter, it is actually giving you time. it has superpowers.
  • be kind to everyone you meet. treat people how you’d like to be treated not how they treat you. it is not weak to give out positive, beaming energy. it’s also infectious.
  • travelling teaches you lots and helps you shift your perspective. it makes you step away from the insular world you inhabit. the same goes for moving away and fleeing the nest.
  • put your phone down more.
  • stretch and work your mind and body. they both need exercising to make them strong.
  • you are not your ego. it doesn’t have to control you.
  • if people don’t like you it’s their loss. make sure you don’t change for them, you’re wasting your time.
  • everything happens for a reason. be patient, life will soon reveal to you why you are on this path and why it’s the right one.
  • be grateful. not least for everything but mostly for everyone.
  • confidence is best acquired through fabrication.
  • law of attraction.

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