New Year Old Quotes

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10/10/17: Porridge

Tuesday the 10th October 2017. this date may not seem recognisable to many, unless you’re Goldilocks, or Oliver, or a Instagram-health-freak like me. i was brought to the attention of today’s significance this morning while undertaking my usual morning scroll, as i dipped into my breakfast of cereal (with a distinct lack of loyalty and a sense of cheating). there’s a reason Goldilocks was so fussy about her porridge; it’s not easy to get right. we’re all just as fussy as her when it comes to temperature, and then there’s also consistency, creaminess and flavourings to consider. for instance my mother favours creamy oats made with milk only, while my father likes the balance of 50/50 with yoghurt, and i opt for all water with only a splash of milk. my preference is probably partially forced by the economic demands of a university budget (plant milks do not come cheap), but i also find that i don’t desire the heavy, stodgy richness of the full milk variation early in the a.m.

porridge has vastly adapted since the days of the 3 bears. Goldilocks would be presented with quite the degree of troubling choice were she to be a 2017 porridge consumer, entering the oatmeal-Aladdin’s cave of Alex-Hely Hutchinson’s 26 Grains or being a judge in Scotland’s annual Porridge Making Championships . porridge has come a long way since the world of gruel, and now the benefits of oats are well established in health  nutrition, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect bowl…

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Recipe: Foraged Autumn Fruit Cobbler

as autumn rolls around and the nights draw in, we need suitable puddings to warm us. this cobbler offers a great big blanket of yumminess, and is made even more satisfying (and spares pennies for your fuel bill) if you forage for the fruit yourself. this sweet was made even sweeter by my uncle’s apples and pears, and blackberries the product an hour of my hard labour. i also made the wonderful discovery of Oatly’s oat cream. i bought this stuff on a dubious whim as my own attempt to make oat cream had resulted in a gloopy mess, but i assure you that left to the professionals, this makes an undetectable healthy alternative to dairy.

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Travel Diary: Austria 2017- A Guide to Tyrol

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summer alpine holidays are picture perfect from all angles. rolling green hilltops, towering mountains, still lakes; you really cannot go wrong with the surroundings. every few years my family and I are always drawn back to the Tyrollean region of Austria, they’re our favourite holidays, filled with cake-fuelled hikes and lake and city trips. there’s something re-charging about the mountains, being continually in the outdoors and part of a laid back culture. like most of Europe, the Austrian lifestyle seems simplified and more satisfying- but maybe that’s just the illusion of being on holiday!

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Staying Healthy on Holiday


holidays are all about escapism and relaxation. for those with their mind on their health, escaping from our normal kale-infused routines sounds like a rather un-welcome escape. keeping up routines in a new place can be difficult- catering, weather and the remoteness of location all impact our ability to maintain regimens. however, there are small changes and tips that can be added into your holiday days, should you want to make some healthier choices.

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